One or two Tizen Phones from Samsung in 2012

In a recent article in Forbes Magazine, the Senior Vice President of Samsung’s Contents Planning Team, Tae-Jin Kang, is quoted saying that Tizen will probably find its way to at least one to two Samsung devices this year, but it would not become Samsung’s main operating platform anytime soon. According to Kang, Samsung also plans to merge its Linux-based Low-End-Phone Operating System “Bada” with Tizen.

Industry Analysts have been wondering how Samsung plans to manage four different Operating Systems in its Product Portfolio (Bada, Android, Windows and Tizen). One answer seems to be the plan to merge the API and SDK of Bada and Tizen, meaning that apps developed for one platform would also run on the other. This would give Tizen a much needed boost since it could profit from the existing eco system of Bada Apps, meanwhile one of the most important factors for mobile Operating Systems. Bada may often be overlooked since it only runs on Samsungs low-end Phones, but its market share of 2% actually tops Windows Phone.

According to Kang, Tizen is better suited for higher powered phones, so the two phones for 2012 will most likely be similar to the most recent Android Superphones such as the Google Nexus and the upcoming Galaxy S3.

Source: Forbes