Rumors about Tizen powered Samsung Galaxy S3 as SDK 2.0 Alpha is released

On Tuesday, the Tizen Project released the Tizen 2.0 Alpha SDK to developers in order to encourage testing and feedback.

The new features in Version 2.0 include an enhanced web framework that provides better HTML5/W3C API support and more Tizen Device APIs, a multi-process Webkit2-based Web Runtime, Advanced HTML5 features, new APIs for battery status, screen orientation, file transfer, notifications, and power control. The support for OpenGL ES has been enhanced as well.

Meanwhile Computerworld Australia found a certification document by the Wi-Fi Alliance that mentions a Phone called “GT-I9300_TIZEN”, which would suggest that there will be a TIZEN version of Samsungs High-End Android Phone “Galaxy S3 GT I9300”.

Samsung has not commented on its Tizen plans yet, but Analysts believe there could be a Tizen Phone on the market at the turn of the year.