Samsung announces High End Tizen Phone for August 2013

Tizen-Samsung-GALAXY-S4Lee Young Hee, executive vice president of Samsungs mobile business, told Bloomberg, that a smartphone powered by the open-source platform Tizen will be released as soon as this August. And it will not be just another phone, it will be “the best product equipped with the best specifications.” This could of course mean that Samsungs current “best product”, the new Samsung Galaxy S4, will get a Tizen based Twin.

In an interview with Wall Street Journal during Samsungs Galaxy launch event this week, Samsung’s mobile chief J.K. Shin, confirmed a Tizen Phone for autumn: “You will likely see the first smartphone using Tizen from Samsung in the third quarter of this year.”

Although there is currently no Tizen based phone on the market, a number of Tizen Apps are already in development, to be ready when the first smartphones are released. Chase Perrin, an official with the Tizen Association, promised Bloomberg: “The first users will have thousands of applications to choose from”.