Samsung will launch cheap Tizen Phone “Z1” in India

Samsung-Z1After many delays and changes to its marketing strategy, Samsung has now decided to position its Tizen Phones in the entry level market segments at price ranges below 100 USD. India may be the first country to see actual Tizen Phones on the shelves as soon as January 2015.

While early prototypes of Tizen Phones were similar to the most recent Samsungs Galaxy High End Smartphones, the “Z1″ will look much more like a Galaxy S from many years ago. A 4” Display with a resolution of 480×800 is paired with a 2×1200 MHz Dual-Core-CPU and 768 MB Ram.

The first phone to hit the shelves will have Tizen 2.3 on Board, combined with Samsungs own App-Store.