Tizen Development Units now available

Tizen Developers can now apply for a limited number of development units such as Samsung Phones and NUC based Mini-PCs. Additional Devices like Tablets and TV Sets are expected later. Applications are currently collected throuth the “Development Unit Program”.

The development handset is based on the 2 year old Samsung Galaxy S3, but lacks the GSM part of a regular phone, so it wont connect to any mobile network. Its only function is to test Tizen apps on an actual device. Any other type of app could be tested on an Intel NUC based Mini-PC that comes with a recent version of Tizen preinstalled.

Before an Application will be accepted, developers have to demonstrate a clear and compelling purpose for physical hardware. They will have to convince the Tizen Foundation, that the particular app is innovative and its functionality cannot be accomplished using the freely available Tizen SDK and emulation.

In addition, participants in the program have to publicly communicate about their experience with the hardware on their blogs or in online forums.

Interested Developers can applay at the Development Unit Program Homepage.